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BUCKY is a beautiful sorrel and white pinto appaloosa stallion. He was 22 inches tall when he was born. He is very friendly and loves to be scratched. His brother from last year is Prince. He is in the photo gallery.  He is just as proud and stately as Prince is. Another  brother loves to…



PRINCE is a beautiful little stallion. He got his name form the way he has held himself since the day he was born. Just a proud little guy. He has great confirmation, color and disposition. He was broke to lead when he was 4 days old. He has already been to an outing where thousands…

BRM’S Wicked Felina

Wicked Felina  really fit this little girl when she was born. She had so much spirit and deviltry in her the name just fit,. However after she got to know us she is the sweetest little girl you could ever ask for. The name Felina means little lady which she certainly is. She is going…

BRM’S Lucky 7 SOLD

Lucky got his name Lucky 7 as he was was born the 7th month, 7th day and the 7th baby. He is an awesome black and white stallion. He is very gentle, broke to lead and has a great disposition. He is half black and white pinto and half black and white appaloosa. He is…



Here is a very special little black and white stallion. He was born June 17th, 2016. He was sold before I got him on the website but I just wanted you to see this little guy. The people that bought him have him house broke already!!!

BRM’S Thunder Bolt. SOLD

BRM’S Thunder Bolt. SOLD

This is a beautiful Black and White Colt. He was born September 4th, 2016. His mom is a beautiful black and white pinto with a long white mane. She tends to pass this down to her babies. His daddy is a black and white appaloosa. This little guy was very tame from the day he…



Patsy is a beautiful little girl. Her mother is a registered pinto and her dad is a registered appaloosa. She was born April 4th 2016. She is very well packaged! Everything you could want in a miniature horse. She would make a wonderful riding pony for the beginner boy or girl. She is broke to…

BRM’S Scooter         SOLD

BRM’S Scooter SOLD

How do you like this guy?? He is put together almost perfect ! He is tame, broke to lead and also loves attention. He will more than likely change color. His brother last year turned out to be a dapple grey. You can see a picture of his brother, Squeaky, in another listing below.  Scooter…



This little Filly was born June 20th, 2014. Patches is a black and white Pinto with a beautiful white blaze. Her dam ,CC Rider, is a black and white pinto and her sire, 4K’S Thunder Cloud, is a black and white appaloosa. She is full of ambition, is broke to lead and is easy to…

BRM’S Squeaky.   SOLD

BRM’S Squeaky. SOLD

Squeaky is an unusual little guy. He was born mousy gray, changed to a sorrel and now is a beautiful dapple gray. He was born April 30th. His sire , 4-K’S Thunder Cloud, is a black and white appaloosa  and his Dam, Princess- D, is a sorrel and white pinto. He is very gentle, broke…

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