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LOUIE Is a beautiful white spotted Sicilian Donkey jack. He was born September 15th, 2018. He is adorable and will lay in your lap and snuggle anytime you want. He even thinks he can drive a golf car !! LOL His mom is a black jenny and his dad is a white spotted jack.


BUCKY is a beautiful sorrel and white pinto appaloosa stallion. He was 22 inches tall when he was born. He is very friendly and loves to be scratched. His brother from last year is Prince. He is in the photo gallery.  He is just as proud and stately as Prince is. Another  brother loves to…


Chado is a miniature Sicilian donkey. He is the friendliest little guy ever. At 2 days old he was climbing in the golf car with me. Chado was born June 8th. His dad is a white spotted jack and his mom is chocolate. He is broke to lead and will follow you anywhere !!


BRM’S JEZZY’S MAJESTIC ! I am very Majestic but you can call me ” MAGIC ” My mom’s name is Jezabelle of Cedar Valley and she is a registered black and white appaloosa. My dad is 4K’s Thunder Cloud and he is also a registered black and white appaloosa. I was born tri color, black,…



PRINCE is a beautiful little stallion. He got his name form the way he has held himself since the day he was born. Just a proud little guy. He has great confirmation, color and disposition. He was broke to lead when he was 4 days old. He has already been to an outing where thousands…


The fun time of the year is upon us. We just had out first little foal. She is a black pinto appaloosa. We haven’t named her yet but we just wanted to show you what fun we have ahead of us. She is already broke to lead. Can’t wait to see what color she will…



These 3 beauties are a few of our previous babies. It is so much fun in the spring waiting to see what the year will bring. Will we have spots, blazes, blankets or boy or girl. They are so much fun as they all have different dispositions and attitudes. Watch this sight for what 2017…

BRM’S Wicked Felina

Wicked Felina  really fit this little girl when she was born. She had so much spirit and deviltry in her the name just fit,. However after she got to know us she is the sweetest little girl you could ever ask for. The name Felina means little lady which she certainly is. She is going…

BRM’S Lucky 7 SOLD

Lucky got his name Lucky 7 as he was was born the 7th month, 7th day and the 7th baby. He is an awesome black and white stallion. He is very gentle, broke to lead and has a great disposition. He is half black and white pinto and half black and white appaloosa. He is…



Here is a very special little black and white stallion. He was born June 17th, 2016. He was sold before I got him on the website but I just wanted you to see this little guy. The people that bought him have him house broke already!!!